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Group Services

Clinical Supervision and Consultation Services:

Nate is an approved supervisor for the MN Board of Social Work and The Board of Behavioral Health. Nate also provides Clinical Consultation for Mental health, Behavioral Health, and Substance Use Disorder (Chemical Health) Organizations.

These services are contractual, and compensation is negotiable. Please feel free to contact us. 

The Zola Experience: A Journey Of Recovery From Loss

Grieving from loss is as unique to the individual as one’s fingerprint, recovering from loss is a Process and not an event. The Zola Experience is a tool to help guide one through the process. The Zola Experience is a 7- week commitment.

Group Recovery Coaching

90-minute in-person sessions once a week with a minimum commitment of 6 weeks. The meeting time and place to be determined.

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Location: 2265 Youngman Ave #303E, St.Paul, MN 55116




Call/Fax: Tel : (651)300 - 9605 Fax : (866)335 - 3963 

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