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Nate Hurse


Addiction/Trauma-informed Therapist and Recovery Coach

Nate Hurse is a License Independent Clinical social worker. He comes with a wealth of expertise in the areas of clinical and program development, substance use disorders, successful treatment of co-occurring disorders, recovery coaching, as well as specializing in culture-centered counseling. He is also a licensed alcohol and drug counselor in multiple states and has achieved a certification earning him the distinction of advanced alcohol and drug counselor. Nate is also a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and a National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) registered trainer. Nate is also currently the vice president on the board of NADA. His career spans over 30 years, having worked in Connecticut, and Indiana and spending the last 20 years in Minneapolis at various chemical health treatment centers where he specialized in culturally diverse populations. Nate is also a consultant with the Minnesota DHS Alcohol Drug Abuse Division as a peer reviewer. Nate is also in long-term Recovery and is a strong advocate of Peer Recovery/Recovery Coaching.


Mind Spa Recovery specializes in working with professionals with a history of using substances and negative behaviors to cope with stress, anxiety, and self-doubt! Mind Spa Recovery work with people who have made inroads in their recovery but continue to struggle with making sustainable change and growth in their lives. Our clients are intelligent people who find themselves anchored to old thinking and behaviors.

We will be your guide and support through your recovery process. We are supportive of all possibilities in your journey of recovery. We realize that various paths can lead one to recovery. We can help you define your values and your core drivers and assist with developing a recovery lifestyle.

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